"Through the Pages"

"Through the Pages"  Its purpose is to go beyond reading a book just to check it off a list & build up your number of reads. There is so much to learn from books - background behind its creation, history involved within the story itself (whether true history or mythical), the thoughts & impressions a certain passage may leave us with if we take the time to ponder instead of rush through. The subject matter for "Through the Pages" can be expansive if you just stop to think & let your creativity flow.
(Anyone is welcome to join me with their own current read's "Through the Pages" - just add your link to the comments section & link back to my blog to spread the word.)


A Journey in Reading said...

This is a great idea. I agree that there is so much more to reading than to "check it off a list". So much can be learned from reading. Great new feature!

Cathy said...

Fantastic idea! I hope to join you this Thursday and spread the word for a "Through the Pages" update of one of the books I'm reading...the hardest parts will be choosing which book and then even harder, a topic within or related to that book! Love the meme - so original.


Liz said...

Thanks Cathy! I'm sorry I didn't update this week. I've been pretty sick & am just now starting to get a handle on things. I hope you join me in the future!