Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kindle vs NOOKcolor - Which one?

Which one to get? I would really appreciate any feedback!

My husband surprised me with the Kindle for Christmas, but because of some errors (on his side?), the order was canceled, & it didn't get here until after Chritmas. That gave me time to consider whether or not I should get a different e-reader - the NOOKcolor.

My main beef with Kindle is that you can't easily download books from libraries (you have to change the format to one compatible with the Kindle first - what a pain!). I also think the keyboard is a little awkward. Another downside is that it requires a light to read at night - not any different than an actual book, but I'm unsure if I'd rather have the back-lit screen or one like this.  I do, however, love the e-ink, the sleek look, the light weight, the non-glare screen, & the fact that it comes in white. The battery is also supposed to last for a really long time. 

As far as the NOOKcolor goes, I don't like that it doesn't offer 3G capabilities since I don't have Wi-Fi at my house (one more thing I'd have to get). It also has more glare when reading outside or in bright lights. It's quite a bit heavier than the Kindle & only comes in black (really not that big of a deal, but I do like the white better).  I worry that the backlit screen will hurt my eyes, especially since they're already horrible.  However, I love that it has color - it just brightens everything up! I also like that you can go to an actual Barnes & Noble to get help with it, read any book for free up to an hour each day (while in the store), & I like the touch screen since that's what I'm used to on my phone. Magazines also look great on it, as well as children's books.  It reads ePub files, so books can be downloaded from libraries as well. 

Please share your thoughts!!!


Adriana said...

I'm saving up for a Nook color. It just seems nicer than the Kindle to me. I'm not much help though since I don't own either one.

Jaedia said...

Like Adriana I don't own either, but I've heard a lot of good about the Kindle, plus screen-glare and the need for wi-fi sounds like an absolute pain to me. My vote's with the Kindle :)

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

Honestly, I'd be happy with any, but when my daughter said, "why would you want the Nook Color, especially since your books don't have pictures?" .. I thought about it. But I think I'd still want the Nook .. I don't care too much for proprietary formats like the Kindle format; I like the ease of being able to simply download and read. (HowEVER, if someone were to give me a Kindle for free, I definitely wouldn't say no!) :)

Susan said...

You can get a Kindle cover (in color to brighten things up!!) that has a built in light for night reading... But I LOVE that you can get children's e-books in color, although I don't want to feel compelled to share it with my kids.