Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Time Out" from Reading (1) - Eclipse DVD-Release Party

The purpose of "Time Out" from Reading is to take a step back from actual reading & to do something (big or small) that is inspired by a book. (examples: watching a movie adaptation of a book, trying out a recipe (chocolate pie for The Help), adapting an activity, theme, or subject into your day: plant flowers for The Forgotten Garden, build a sand "cathedral" for The Pillars of the Earth, have a Family Fun Day for . . . a book about families) Be creative, make it a stretch if you need to!

I would love to see what other people come up with, so feel free to join along any time - just post a comment with a link back to your blog, so others can see what you did! :)

Earlier this month, my friend from Party Profiles & I hosted an Eclipse DVD-release party. We prepared everything in red, black & white (the decorations, food, drinks), printed up pictures with quotes from the book, & invited some special guests to come join us. It was so much fun to see the story played out on film & to laugh at ourselves for being such total dorks!


Anonymous said...

Great party decor! Go Team Edward <3!