Thursday, January 6, 2011

Through the Pages (3) - Unearthly: angels & the YA trend

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I am currently reading Unearthly, by Cynthia Hand, where the main character, Clara, is part-angel & has a purpose she has been assigned to fulfill.

Angles - messengers of God, ministers to mankind, teachers of doctrines of salvation, guardians, full of goodness & love.

 Angels are often depicted with wings & believed to be creations of God to fulfill his purposes. They have also been described as beings who once lived on the earth or who will live on the earth, who give messages to & lead humankind in righteousness. They have been described as floating above the ground, & having the appearance of extreme brightness & light. They have also been said to take human form with the purpose of helping & guiding others.

Angels are depicted in many religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam . . . where witnesses claim to have seen or felt angels, either as a messenger from God or as a protector. Many well-known angels - Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Moroni - are not only spoken of in scripture, but witnesses claim to have had personal experiences & interactions with them.

A Recent Trend ~ Angels in YA Fiction

What do you think of the angel trend? Do you like it? Is it a nice change from other paranormal beings? Do you have a favorite book featuring angels?


YA Book Queen said...

Angels are definitely popular lately! I'm definitely glad to see the shift from paranormal, but I'm even more excited for a (hopefully) dystopian trend ;)

Jenners said...

I like some of the graphics you shared ... lovely! And I haven't personally read any of these YA angel books but I think they are recreating the "old" idea of angels for modern times.

Liz said...

YA Book Queen, I LOVE dystopian fiction, so I'm happy to see that becoming a trend.

Jenners, thank you! I love the pictures too. They're total eye candy for me. Pictures/graphics can say so much.