Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Time Out" from Reading (2) - Anne of Green Gables

"Time Out" from Reading
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While reading Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery this last week, I kept noticing all the comments about flowers & gardens & was reminded of the fact that all my flowers either die or grow in wild disarray. I always have great intentions - I love flowers & always dream of having the perfect garden, but alas - I get lazy, I don't really like the feel of dirt on my hands (makes me think of chalk), & I'm nervous about all the spiders & bugs waiting to attack, so things get neglected. Enough was enough, & I was going to change my ways! My husband bought me flowers a couple weeks ago, & they've been sitting on the back patio ever since (I figured they'd be fine with all the rain we've been getting). As it turns out, they were starting to look pretty watter-logged & pathetic.

I was so excited last night because today was going to be the day I finally planted my Christmas Cyclamens (who doesn't have aspirations for the New Year)!!! Well, when I woke up this morning, I wasn't counting on the rain (that's what I get for staying cooped up in the house all day yesterday & not paying attention to the weather - but hey, the kid's sick, & I didn't want to get dressed - go ahead, judge me ;).  I looked out the sliding glass door & grudgingly thought I could put off planting the flowers a little longer, but I kept looking at my to-do list, & it really bothered me not to check something off of it! So I put my boy (still in his jammies with a snotty nose) into his new rain boots & rain coat, grabbed our shovels, & we headed outside (the rain had stopped, but it was still soggy & wet . . . & cold). 

I couldn't find my gardening gloves, so I just dug in with my shovel & hands (talk about sucking it up! :) & determined to get those beautiful flowers into my dirt/clay as fast as possible (did I mention it was super cold out, & my hands were shaking? I guess that's just the price you pay for attempting to be the World's Best Homemaker/Domestic/Wife/Mother . . . uh huh, right. Plus, I was determined to have something to post for my "Time Out" feature)!

But I have to admit, even with the cold, the splinters left over from digging in the bark without my gloves, & constantly telling the kid (let's call him Georgie) to stay out of the street, the flowers look beautimous, & I have one more thing checked off my list! This is going to be a good year - I can tell :) And now I feel more like Anne Shirley & Marilla Cuthbert. That's one step in the direction of having my perfect garden!


chelleyreads said...

happy new year! hope your garden works out and thanks for sharing your pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! And such pretty flowers :) I love gardening--I garden with my parents every year.