Friday, January 28, 2011

"Time Out" from Reading (3) - The Pillars of the Earth & The Luxe

"Time Out" from Reading
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Well, I'm still sick. It's been a couple weeks now, & it seems to be just one thing after another keeping me down. I took a break from reading, but am finally starting to get back into it. While taking the said break, I decided to indulge in some movies (what better time than when I'm sick?).

After reading The Pillars of the Earth last year, I came across the miniseries on Amazon. Because it didn't have a rating, I decided to rent it from Netflix instead of purchasing it. I loved the book, so was anxious to see how the movie was. I really liked it. Sure, they changed some things, especially towards the end, but overall, I felt like the movie did a pretty good job capturing the feel & general story of the book. I had to close my eyes a lot because I really hate watching violence. There was also more nudity than I care to see. For these reasons, I won't buy it, but I'm still glad that I saw it (even if I had to look away at times).

I also recently finished The Luxe, & was constantly reminded of Gossip Girl while reading it. I decided to rent the first season since we don't have TV at home, & I'd only ever seen a couple episodes. While the story (both in The Luxe & Gossip Girl) makes me wonder what ever happened to moral behavior, I have to admit, I enjoyed both the book & the show it reminded me of. While watching Gossip Girl, my favorite thing had to be the fashion, especially Blair Waldorf's. Her clothes were awesome! If I weren't such a jeans & t-shirt type of girl, I would love to dress like her!

Now here's hoping I feel well enough to start reading & blogging regularly again!