Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A New Project

I have a new project & purpose for this blog. I started homeschooling my Preschooler/Kindergartener this year, & with all of the research I've done on the topic, I am continually drawn to a literary & classical approach. For this reason, I personally want to have a greater knowledge & comprehension of some of the world's great literature - namely classics (of course I will continue to read my other fun &/or more modern books as well. How else would I survive this daunting task I'm preparing to take on?).

While going through some homeschooling blogs, I was really excited to find women who were working their way through The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had. Since classical education is one of my focuses, I was thrilled when I saw their in-depth, yet fun studies of literature throughout history. My favorite blog is: A Classic Case of Madness. These women are hilarious!

 The author of The Well-Educated Mind recommends reading chronologically & by genre, starting with Novels, then Auto/biographies, Histories, Dramas, & finally Poetry. This is with the intent that the reader will master how to analyze & work through the different literary genres by focusing on one at a time, with the difficulty of analysis increasing with each genre.

I am feeling quite intimidated by this task, but am also really excited. I just hope that I can slow down enough to go through these literary studies for the correct reasons instead of just checking them off a list as I tend to do.

 Feel free to join me in any reads that interest you!

The complete list of books (minus a few that I just can't get myself to re-read - namely, Gulliver's Travels) is here.