Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breaking Dawn Movie Trailer

I put off reading the Twilight series for quite a while b/c I just couldn't stand all the hype around it. Once I finally gave it a shot, I was hooked - obsessively hooked. (I'm guessing part of this was because I'd been trying to read Les Miserables for 8 months without opening any other books, & I had finally had enough. Twilight offered a huge relief from the verbose French classic.)

While the excitement surrounding Twilight has ebbed over the last couple years (even moreso in the last year), I was still so happy when I saw the newest trailer for the Breaking Dawn movie. I'm still not convinced this book needed to be made into two separate movies, but after watching this trailer, I'm getting anxious for the next installment of the series to come out.


Jen said...

I actually really like that trailer. Unfortunately, I've always thought the trailers for the Twilight movies are better than the actual movie.

I gave into the Twilight hype after New Moon came out. I devoured the books and was hooked.

Jen at The Broke and the Bookish

Anonymous said...

LOVE the trailer... I hate waiting for the 2 parts but I am glad they did it *assuming* that they include as much as possible from the book in those two parts!